Tuesday, June 30, 2009


for what we place in confidence unto others, we take upon ourselves in fear. when we leave our place of want, of need, of position, how it is we ever return is beyond our means. there is no place worth more than what you are taken from, no place of comfort or value or content which could replace or improve upon what is lost.

the sadness in leaving is comparable to a child's tears, his inability to understand is not so much his fault, but his obligation. the simple logic of reaction, modified for any situation. if i were to leave my son, his inability to understand would not be my only wrongdoing, but it would be all that i cared for.

there is a sadness in life, i never knew existed, until today. to face your fate, as deemed by a society who could care less, this would not be easy to explain to my son. what do i tell a boy without the ability to understand, when i, as a man and his father, can neither understand?

sadly, he will only be able to learn for himself, and learn too late.

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