Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There is a common ground, a sociable place in which we meet, though our tasks and trials take us far away. Here we share the tips of our thoughts, the beginnings of our love, ultimately a memory we have repeated to ourselves for the past two years. How is it a gift can bring so much indifference? Keeping ourselves from this place of joy, and love? What is it we ourselves are missing?

I wish to go places, to disappear at a moment's notice and perhaps not return so quickly. Or maybe just to become bored, to grow weary of what was not as it should have been, and return to a girl who knew only as much as I did. And I hate the response, "nothing".

Who knows what she wishes for? There are sparks of joy and fulfilling moments, but what seems to last anymore? I will most likely never realize the answer to this.

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